Always the best, hand made for you

Need more natural, organic, eco friendly goodies in your life? Crunchy mama's got you covered!

Crunchy Mama Box brings a variety or items from a variety of crunchy mamas straight to your door each and every month! 

Here's what could be inside: 

  • Reusable kitchen items. Snack bags, beeswax wraps, straws, market bags, etc. We'll give you something you'll be able to use for years to come that will help reduce waste in your home.
  • Crunchy Mama branded products. We have branched out and begun sharing some of our favorite creations that we use in our homes every single day. 
  • Skin care, gadgets, salves, toiletries, WHO KNOWS what we'll come up with! There's 2-3 random goodies in each box. 
  • A snack. Some mamas give this to their littles. Some mamas hide it from their littles. We don't judge. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • We feature a stone of the month in each box along with an affirmation card to use along side it. Each stone comes with a full description and usage guide as well!