It's all about the info

Our boxes were born out of our desire to share information about things we're passionate about.

The products in our shop are made to fill holes we see in the Crunchy marketplace. Also we love to make stuff. So 🤷🏻‍♀️

How we're making change

We believe it's our job to change the world. If not us, who? Here are some of the ways we're doing just that. 

  • Social media. We have the incredible privilege of social media. From circumcision memes to pollution articles, we want our social medias to be places where people are welcome to come and learn and find community. 
  • The Shop and The Box. The items we send to you are designed to help make your life a little crunchier. Not only that, but we include info cards in every package as well. 
  • We believe that one of the best ways to make change is to support those who already are. This is why we include items in the boxes from Crunchy Work at Home Moms and Crunchy Small Businesses. When we support their businesses, we enable them to be activists in whatever space they feel most passionate about. 
  • Each month we have a different Cause Partner, or non profit that we donate to. Check our social medias to see who we're donating to this month.