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Linen & Room Spray - Best seller


Product Description

Simple, natural and effective – safe for all surfaces. Ivory & Iron’s Linen & Room Spray has a gentle, clean scent, focusing on truly deodorizing any odors followed by a refreshing and calm scent. Lightly spray any curtains, rugs, fabric furniture, shower curtains, Olsen & Olsen gray wool dryer balls and anything that needs a freshening up! Also great for a bathroom air freshener. – 100% natural and organic, plant-based ingredients
– All Active Ingredients, not just some
– Organic Essential Oils provide antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, and antiseptic benefits
– Non-toxic
– Eco-Friendly
– Cruelty Free
– Safe for most sensitive skin
– Free Of: dyes, synthetic scents, palm oil, sodium lauryl sulfates and phosphates, ammonia, bleach, formaldehyde, parabens
– Made In The USA Shake well before using.
Bottles are recyclable and refillable. For more information, visit:

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