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White Howlite Stone


Product Description

White Howlite is a soft stone named after the mineralogist who discovered it, Henry How. It is found in various shades of white with gray or black vein-like markings throughout. Howlite is a calming stone with soothing energy and works directly with the Crown Chakra. It can aid in easing anxiety, anger and an overactive mind. Because of these properties, it is great for helping with insomnia as well as enhancing meditation and academics. You can place it under your pillow to help with better sleep or use it in meditation. For Meditation: Hold your Howlite in your palm if you’re sitting or place it on your forehead if you’re laying down. Close your eyes as you feel and absorb the stone’s peaceful energy. Allow the energy to quiet your mind as you set your intention for this meditation and drift into a higher state of consciousness. Mantra: “I breathe in stillness and release feelings that no longer serve me.”

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