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Orange Calcite Stone


Product Description

Orange Calcite is an energizing stone. It has a relatively smooth surface with a soapy feel. Orange Calcite works directly with the sacral chakra encouraging positive energy throughout the body especially creatively and sexually. It can shift stagnant energy, quiet the mind and soothe negative feelings. Calcite is commonly used in energy healing practices, in meditation and to increase intuition. In a quiet space, hold your stone in your palm and focus on the light diffusing through it. This light is powered by the Sun. Absorb that yellow-orange light as it calms your mind, deepens your breath flow and you set your intention for the meditation. Visualize and feel that light energy flowing freely throughout your body— from Crown to Root and Root to Crown. Mantra: “I am at peace. The warmth of the sun surrounds me and energizes me.

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