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Opal Green Stone


Product Description

Green Opal Raw Natural Stone is a rejuvenating stone. It is a common opal variety that is opaque and varies from light to medium green in color. Green Opal works directly with your Heart Chakra promoting love, peace and strength. The cleansing power of Green Opal harmonizes energy and brings awareness for spiritual growth and guidance, the perfect stone to meditate with! Green Opal is one of those stones that is most effective when touching, holding or wearing. It makes stunning jewelry; you can wrap it into a necklace to wear near your heart! For Meditation: Set your intention for this meditation. If you are laying down, place the stone on your heart. If you are sitting up, simply hold the stone in your hand. While slowing your breath flow, begin feeling and absorbing the purifying and peaceful energy from the stone. Visualize that energy rejuvenating your mind, body and spirit one at a time. Mantra: I release the energy that no longer serves me. I welcome new opportunities. I welcome growth. And I welcome peace.

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