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In Ayurveda caring for your feet goes beyond the cosmetic purposes, it benefits your entire body and nervous system. You can take care of your feet by scrubbing, soaking and massaging your feet to relax your entire body to increase energy, revitalization, and improve circulation. For daily foot care, nothing can beat this Terracotta Foot Scrubber by Jodhpuri to clean away dry skin, buff and polish feet. A traditional tool used since antiquity in India, it works just like a pumice stone/metal file (but better) to scrub and slough away dead skin. It has another added advantage - it practically lasts forever, it can never wear out or lose its texture over time. Relieves tired feet, exfoliates and eliminates dead skin, softens cracked heels and calluses. Made from lead-free, toxic-free and all natural red clay. A 30-second scrub down every morning in the shower when your feet are already wet will keep your feet healthy, soft and clean. Pairs well with the moisturizing soap bar handmade by HBC. For more information visit:

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