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Aventurine Stone


Product Description

The Aventurine comes in a pouch with a Momtra card to keep you motivated even on the days you don't feel like getting out of bed! Green Aventurine is known as the STONE OF OPPORTUNITY or its ability to assist in manifestation as well as attracting luck and ABUNDANCE. It works directly with the Heart Chakra to balance, protect and encourage a sense of confidence that makes it easier to step outside of your comfort zone. Due to its ability to assist in manifestation and attracting abundance, it is common for people to keep Green Aventurine in or near wherever they keep money. It is also the perfect stone to use in your first crystal grid! FOR MEDITATION If you’re sitting, hold the stone in your palm. If you’re laying down, place the stone near your heart. Begin slowing your breath flow. With each deep breath, inhale harmony, peace, love and tranquility. With each exhale, feel the energy releasing negativity, fear, anger and resentment. As thoughts arise in your mind, acknowledge them and let them go. Take as many deep cleansing breaths as it takes to feel an emotional release. Optional mantra: “I am aligned with the energy of abundance. I am surrounded by abundance. I am abundant.”

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